Drawing from our experience on the ground, we advocate on policy as it impacts women and girls, particularly in the areas where we are most active.

  • Y Connect

    Y Connect is our fortnightly e-newsletter that gives you everything you need to stay on top of women’s rights news. We do the reading for you – across subjects and sources – to ensure you remain informed. We also like to throw in a fun link or two, so it’s as easy to read with a glass of wine as it is with your morning coffee.

  • She Speaks Survey

    In 2014, YWCA Australia contracted the Institute of Social Science Research (ISSR) at the University of Queensland to conduct their annual She Speaks survey. Its aim was to highlight the voices of girls and young women aged 15-30, and explored a range of social and personal issues. It was the largest annual surveys collecting information from young women about their attitudes, perceptions and experiences of leadership.

  • National Advocacy

    We engage with and support YWCA Australia with their advocacy efforts across a national platform.